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Popcaan Ventures Into Medicinal Cannabis With ‘Unruly Tea’

The Unruly Boss Popcaan has stormed into the multi-billion dollar global medicinal cannabis industry, with the creation of a new Unruly Cannabis Immune Tea, another indication that weed is perhaps truly his “best friend”.The Unruly tea though, will not make its users High all Day, or behave in an ‘unruly’ manner despite its name, as it is made from the non-psychoactive form of ganja known commonly as CBD (Cannabinidiol).    In other words, it does not intoxicate users or make them high.

One of the most common reasons people choose to use CBD is for pain management.  CBD has also been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Popcaan’s product consists of 10 tea bags encompassing marijuana and citrus, which the Numbers Don’t Lie artiste says is aimed at boosting the immune system. It comes as a result of Popcaan’s partnership with St. Ann-based cannabis company, Nassential Ltd, which is a producer of CDB products.

“Weed is my best friend so i use it in all form, had to make sure my unruly people strong this time around . Dropping my cannabis immune tea real soon… sip, relax and feel good. boost your immune system the unruly way,” Popcaan posted in his introduction of the product on his Instagram page on Thursday.

The Unruly tea is the latest product from Nassential’s CBD line, and results from extensive work in edible in fusion research and development undertaken by its team of scientists led by Dr. Aubrey Oliver a functional Holistic doctor in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.Popcaan is also rubbing shoulders with royalty, as Nassential is led by CEO Dr. Julius Garvey, international Vascular Surgeon and son of Jamaica’s first National Hero, and former President of Scientific Advisory Board at Cannabis Science in America.

Hailing from the rural parish of St. Thomas, the Unruly Boss is perhaps the best ambassador for the tea, due to his extensive catalogue of weed songs which he has recorded paying homage to ganja and marveling about his love for the herb. Among his myriad of ganja songs are Weed Settingz, Weed Head, Get High, High All Day, Everything Nice, perhaps the most popular, Weed is My Best Friend, and most recently, Smoked Out and Challis, which both appeared on his 32 track FIXTAPE.